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The War of the Words

At the miserable end of that war
All the verbs became bullets
All the nouns became explosives
and the crisp interjections
Became sharp sounds that resounded all over

All of those who were there
Could only worry about protecting themselves.
Punctuation was out of the question...
Nothing to do but to keep spinning your tongue.

The War of Grammar was ended with this battle.

And so the ceasefire
was settled in total silence
In this ceremony where nobody
Said a word.

People would soon call it
The Wordless Signature

-King of Bandit Jing: Twilight Tales, Vol. 6

Current Residence: Hawaii, United states
Favourite photographer: Zemotion (Because she is oh so cool QwQ)
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever I feel like or am obsessed with at the moment
Favourite cartoon character: hahaha! That's a funny question. I have too many answers. XD
Personal Quote: /random squee noise


Okay, so holy buckets I just got back from Anime Day at Windward Mall, and LORDY WAS IT GLORIOUS.  I was definitely not expecting to have as much fun as I did (or make as much as I did, seriously this is so helpful because I was stressing out so bad about how I was going to get money for prints for the upcoming conventions...)!  Huge shout out to everyone who bought my prints, you were all amazing and I had such a fun time talking with all of you!  All of the money goes towards next years prints and helping me study and get better so I can make prettier art~  You guys are the best!  

Upcoming cons that I will be attending is Kawaii Kon in April, and Amazing Comic Con in May.  Please stop by and chat with me!  I had a lot of fun~!

Also, my art tumblr is:

I update it a little more, and check it more often.  I'll post up more doodles there as well~
Question for anyone who follows me:

Would any of you be interested in me doing portrait commissions and simple sketch commissions?  Any help would go towards my computer :)  Its not a sure thing yet, I just wanted to put some feelers out.  (*wriggle~*)
Kawaii Kon 2015 update!

So, I'm back from Kawaii Kon and took some time away to process what happened.  First off, thank you to everyone who came out to talk and chat with me!  I was having some rough days, so being able to just chat and have fun was really important!  You guys know who you are~~~  much hearts to you~! <3!

Kawaii Kon 2015 saw about 10,450 attendees this year!  I'm still not sure how they get their numbers, but last year there were 8,500 attendees, so Kawaii Kon is growing by a lot!  Also, there were no empty tables at the artist alley this year, and security was on it!  (or at least pretended to be on it!  Woo!)  Staff was much more calm and collected this year, and they went around and checked for badges and made sure all the artists were okay!  High five to them!  

Speaking of awesome staff, they were really good about the autograph lines this year.  I got to meet Toru Furuya, who is the seiyuu for Sabo and Tuxedo Mask and numerous other characters~~~ I managed to give him my Sabo and Tuxedo Mask prints (because I couldn't decide which ones to give, and they were hardly selling anyway so...xD) and his staff was really surprised that I knew he was Sabo's voice actor.  The Kawaii Kon program didn't say it at all- probably because that character was only recently revealed in the anime.  Anyway, I got my Sabo print signed by him, and its currently on my wall above my new Sabo figurine and its glorious~  

I also got to meet Todd Haberkorn, who is the english voice actor for Natsu from Fairy Tail and Nanase from Free!  Unfortunately, I never finished my Natsu print so I had to awkwardly give him my Nanase print, which he was totally cool about xD  He was also really sweet, because his autograph line was so long and he actually got up and went down the line to apologize, and explain that he's going as fast as he can and wanted to make sure we were okay waiting!  He stayed so late...!

I also got to meet Bryce Papenbrook, who is the voice actor for Eren from Attack on Titan!  He was really cool, and he said he liked the poster of Eren I gave to him, and asked if I could sign it while he signs my poster...!  It got really confusing, because we had to make sure we took home the right one haha xD  so yes, super awkward signing but very fun~!

I also got to meet some amazing sauce artists, like holy crap whaaaaat xD  Yanimator was across from me, and he was really nice guy!  He put up with our shenanigans from across the aisle, and even played along with our creeper faces we would give him when it got slow and no one was at our tables xD  I also got to meet Baimon (more like I cried over all of his beautiful works and blubbered incoherently to him about how much I loved his stuff) and he was suuuuuuuper chill- so cool!  I wish to be as cool as him...!  One day...!

On to some not so fun news: despite the increased number of attendees, I had some super low sales xD  None of my posters or my 8.5x11 sold nearly as well as they were expected to, nor did they sell as well as they did last year (which was kinda to be expected, but to have hardly any bites at all was surprising!).  In fact, all my smaller stuff practically flew off my table!  My majestic Derp Face, aka "Matt Smith's listen here you little-" 5x7 sold out first!  I only printed out 10 of him because he was just meant to be a joke xD  The one that did the best was Korrasami, which was great because, well...its KORRASAMI~ <3!  

Bottom line is, I won't be able to get my desktop...which means I gotta stick with these back and shoulder pains until I make up enough money.  Such sad.  Much lame.  But I did a lot of introspective work, gave a more critical look at my stuff, and I'm gearing up again for next year!  

Please continue to support me, I really appreciate it!  AND HELP ME GET MY DESKTOP ./sob sob sob xD  

I'm also up for requests, just let me know and I'll see what I can doooooo~  

Thanks again guys!
uuuum...incoming spam guys! :D  Gonna start uploading pics that I did for Kawaii Kon 2015 up, but I wanted to talk a bit about the experience leading up to it.  

So, putting it bluntly, I struggled.  A lot.  I guess I was processing a lot of different techniques and info, and that feel that your mind is a little bit ahead of where your current skill level is and nothing seems to look right.  

Its like, you know right after your art plateaus and you're experimenting with things, so it looks like you're going down hill, and then you build yourself up to a new level and plateau again, right?  (Then the cycle repeats itself FOREVAAA!)  Unfortunately, the months leading up to kon was the downhill slope xD  Luckily, I started building myself back up with some pieces, but on other pieces you may be able to tell that I was a bit out of sorts.  Or maybe not, who knows xD  It certainly feels that way to me!

In other news, I hope to earn enough this year so I can build my own desktop!  I am so done with painting on a tiny laptop and cramping up my neck and back, not to mention it feels like it can't keep up now that I'm experimenting with more layers and stuff.  I also want to not feel like I'm going to melt my laptop when I play video games on it.  Every bit earned this year will help go towards that!  So if you can, come down to KK15 and take a gander and say hi~!  I'll be at table A14 near the entrance! :D

For those who supported me during Kawaii Kon...

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 4:22 AM
...Thank you all so much!!! >w<  Whether you bought a print, commissioned me, stuck by my table to chat, filled my survey or just happened to take my business card, thank you all so much!  Despite the stress of the Kon, I still love meeting people through my art....!  ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆  Everyone was really sweet, and for those who commissioned me for digital prints, I look forward to working on them and getting them to you at a reasonable time...!  But first, some recovery time from Kon before my final project for my class which is due next week Monday, and then back to work on art!  Woo!!!!  Thanks again for all the love~!!! >w<

  • Mood: Content
  • Drinking: still drinking water though xD

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